Become a Privacy Activist and Earn Tokens!
The processing of personal data should be designed to serve the mankind

At Datafund* we firmly believe that the right to privacy is everyone’s basic right. But what good is a right lying somewhere out of sight, covered with dust? The mightiest of tools is worthless if we don’t use it.

What is the Privacy Awareness Campaign?

We’re launching the Privacy Awareness Campaign (PAC) to spread the word about this essential right and Datafund, the new powerful tool at your disposal. We’re rewarding with DEX tokens all of you privacy advocates, activists, fighters and lone wolves that want to join us on the quest to make the world a private place!

3 steps to get involved

Step 1

Sign up for the campaign

Fill in the form below to join PAC.

Step 2

Complete simple tasks

You will find your tasks in your Datafund account. DEX tokens are granted for each completed task.

Step 3

Collect your DEX tokens

The more tasks you complete, the more DEX you will get.

Get started

Create your PAC account and join the campaign

This sign up form will automatically create your Datafund account and add you to our token sale whitelist. Just log in and start earning DEX tokens.